A unique mobile-as-a-service solution powered by Trams / Econocom

We live in a world where ownership is outdated. Subscription models now prevail. Consumers are more interested in services and experiences than products. They want usage, personalisation and flexibility.

BOS is a unique mobile-as-a-service solution allowing organisations to future-proof their operations for the digital age. BOS consists of a standard package (including mobile devices and services), fully personalisable with options.

BOS packages are offered as 24 or 36-month subscriptions.

Standard package

choose your devices and enjoy
the all-included services

  • Delivery
  • Enrolment Programme
  • Next day swap warranty
  • End-of-contract collection, wiping & recycling
24 or 36 month subscription


Flexibility options
Incrementally increase, return or refresh your mobile estate on a £1 per month per device basis. Or retain up to 5% of your devices at the end of your subscription.
Device services
Enjoy a seamless deployment thanks to our following options: device preparation, training, starter packs etc.
IT services
Ensure optimisation of your business process with MDM management, helpdesk, network & Wi-Fi configuration etc.


to facilitate the use of your devices


Workshops to enhance your skills and engage your users

Work Different
Test & Learn
Make it Happen
Boost your digital team

Let your BOS adventure begin

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